Beneficial outcomes for all

At TE Capital Partners, we are focused on the crucial issues of climate resilience, diversity and governance. As responsible investors, we embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into our strategies, business processes, partnerships and investment decisions. By doing so, we are able to achieve beneficial outcomes for our people, investors, tenants, and communities.

Key areas that we focus on include:

Building a sustainable portfolio that minimises the environmental impact of the development and operation of our buildings while looking after the wellness of our people, tenants, and communities.


Placing our people at the heart of what we do by enhancing the diversity and inclusiveness of our corporate culture.


Investing time and resources into giving back to our communities and celebrating our mutual success.


Ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability practices to reinforce our position as a trustworthy and reliable firm that can meet the needs of our stakeholders and investors.

ESG Foundation & Pillars

With the objective of delivering long-term and sustainable economic value, TE Capital Partners prioritizes managing our real estate portfolio with accountability, integrity, trust and excellence, while keeping environmental sustainability and social responsibility as a primary focus.

TE Capital Partners has established a well-defined set of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles that is applied across our business and operations.

Our ESG principles have been designed to be robust and adaptable to keep up with changes in best practices, community expectations and regulatory requirements.

  • Environmental

    Operational Carbon

    Embodied Carbon

    Building Certification

    Net Zero Energy

    Indoor Air Quality

  • Social

    Diverse Suppliers

    Level Playing Field

    Health & Wellness

    Community Building

  • Governance

    Data Management


    Carbon Emissions

    B Corp

Delivering responsible environmental outcomes across our business and the places we operate in

We strive to integrate sustainable practices to all operations and projects. Underpinning this is TE Capital Partners’ continued commitment to the highest ethical standards and being a responsible business.

Putting our stakeholders at the forefront of our business

TE Capital Partners endeavours to create a safe, fair and inclusive culture for our workforce and to meaningfully engage our external stakeholders through building deep relationships with our partners and actively volunteering our time and resources within the local communities we are in.

Building an enduring business undergirded by the key tenets of transparency and accountability

We constantly aim to achieve business excellence by maintaining the highest standards of transparency and accountability to our investors, partners and the rule of law we are governed by.