View At Kismis
Geographical Region City Fringe
Type of Investment Residential
Status Current

View at Kismis is situated in the coveted Bukit Timah area, seated within the enclave of landed houses where the quiet and tranquil environment offers a respite from the hustle of city living.

From the architecture to the selection of tiles, everything is carefully furnished with a selected mix to highlight the rustic beauty of a vineyard and each unit is designed to conjure the warmth of sun and the tones of wood. Retreat into your own home surrounded by rustic charm and be lavished with 50 facilities within the development – each crafted to evoke a sense of intimacy and tranquility.

View at Kismis is home where you come to enjoy the serenity of standing still. Choose from 188 units of 2 bedroom to 5 bedroom luxurious homes.

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